• Toasty digits

    DSCF0001Digits referring to my fingers and toes. All week, training has been on the down low since it is a "recovery week" in the annual training plan. Originally, the plan today was to do a power test up the canyon to see what kind of fitness results the last 3 weeks of training have yielded. But, the cold temps in combo with snow/ice on the lesser traveled roads killed that idea. So, it was option 2, a 2.5 hr tempo on the open roads. I headed west to the foothills, and surprisingly, there was still a bit of snow/ice on the edges of the higher traveled roads. Glad I had the mtb instead of the road bike. Twice, the rear wheel got squirrely on some snow/ice/slush.

    DSCF0003By the time this training session was done, 1 bottle was empty and the other was like a fine 7-Eleven slurpee. Orange flavor to be exact. The weekend will be bike filled. Well, at least Saturday will....thinking the Oval Ride. Sunday is another story with a high temp of 18F and snow. Might head to do some snowshoeing at 9,000+ ft.

    DSCF0005With air temps sitting around 27F and a ride that involved 30+ mph descents, keeping the digits toasty was in order. My hands rarely give me issues with my Craft lobster-style gloves. The feet on the other hand have A.D.D when it comes to cold temps. Today, I went the safe route and wore the following:

    1. Swiftwick wool socks
    2. Sock Guy toe warmers
    3. Windproof fleece lined shoe cover from previous shoe sponsor
    4. Craft Nemo Bootie

    These did the job just fine! Now for an evening of rest followed by....hopefully....a good group ride on Saturday. And winter needs to move on. At this rate, it will be a loooooooooooong Colorado winter.