• Shin deep

    As I sit here drinking the morning coffee and eating some eggs, I can now look back at this past weekend. Saturday wasn't so bad. Temps near 40F and sunny. Perfect weather to get out there and start the Oval Ride 'Lite'. It was a good thing the ride was 'lite', as my legs were a little sluggish. The group was a tad small....maybe 20 folks, but there was at least 3 of us that got in those 4.5-5 hours in. Took a short clip on the way back south towards Fort Collins:

    Sunday was another story. Over night, temps dropped like a rock! Highs for Sunday were only near 15F and there was 6-9 inches of fresh powder on the ground. Good thing for early season cross training. Sonya and I drove about 20 minutes west of town and hit up Horsetooth Mountain to get some hiking.....and snowshoeing in as conditions allowed. The hiking was good, and we were one of only a few folks out there. Basically had to cut trail ourselves. Only down fall was the 6F degree temp drop in the 3.5 hours we were out there.

    Horsetooth Mountain hike
    Climbing....after being dropped by Sonya. WAIT!!!

    Horsetooth Mountain hikeStill climbing up to Horsetooth Rock. Ergon pack loaded with some food, water, and MSR snowshoes...which were never needed.

    Horsetooth Mountain hike
    Yes, snow at 7,000 ft.

    Horsetooth Mountain hikeLow bridge!

    Horsetooth Mountain hikeRock + some ice + powder = kind'a sketchy.

    Horsetooth Mountain hikeThis is about all the higher we would get to Horsetooth Rock. The 'scramble' to the top was sketchy! For those not local, Horsetooth Rock is the formation that represents Fort Collins when you drive into town from I-25.

    Horsetooth Mountain hikeBack down to the car....and driving home. Nice and slow.

    Looks like a lot of indoor riding to come over the next 4-5 days. Ugh.