• Recharged

    Got back to Colorado last night about 8:30 PM after a marathon 14 hour drive session with my Sister from Iowa for X-mas. Normally, this drive takes around 11 hours, but the snow storm from Thursday and Friday left some sections of road pretty sketchy. Specifically was a 60 mile or so section from York, NE to Grand Island, NE where traffic was bumper to bumper at about 10 mph over a sheet of solid ice. Not fun. The kind of stuff that makes you want to bang your head on the dashboard of the car because you can jog faster down the road. It crossed my mind, but the -0 wind chills made the decision to stay in the car easy.

    Now back in Colorado after a week+ of recharging, the focus is on training and coming Ergon related road trips. On tap we (Ergon) have a training/product testing camp in SW Utah followed by a trip to Tucson, AZ for the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo. I was excited to see when I got back home to the house last night, that my 2009 Crank Bros pedals had been return after having been rebuilt for the 2010 season. Why get new pedals when the old ones just need some TLC. Seriously.

    Crank Brothers

    Came back to some snow here in Fort Collins, but not anything even remotely close to what was in Iowa and Nebraska. With warming temps forecasted all week....shouldn't last long. Temps near 50F on Saturday and Sunday should make for a good batch of group rides. Can't wait! Looking forward to getting back out there and getting smacked around by the resident fast folks.