• Winter moving in

    Last 3 weeks of training have been focused on base miles on the bike....and some light gym and core work. Basically prep'n the body for the hard work that is going to be coming in the months ahead. The weekends have been reserved as 8 hr training blocks. Basically, 4 hours each day on the bike in HR zones 2 and 3. At that effort, it gives plenty of time to look at the scenery and mess around with the cams. Past 2 weekends have been fantastic for riding. This weekend is a different story with a Winter Storm Watch in effect. Today, I hit up the bike earlier that normal in hopes of getting in the work before the snow started to fly. I got lucky today. Sunday could be a different story.

    2010 Base MilesHere is today's HR and elevation file. Tried to get as much climbing in as I could and still keep the HR low and the legs ticking over at 90+ rpm.

    Sunday should be more of the same...unless mother nature starts taking names.