• Weekend Recap

    Saturday was a solo day. Spent roughly 4.5 hours on the road bike riding up to Estes Park via Drake and Glen Haven...as well as taking the longer route home. Legs felt great until the last hour, when the legs stopped putting power to the pedals. I burned a few too many matches riding up...and didn't fuel properly simply because I was so "in the zone' while climbing. I totally spaced it out. Roads where dry for the most part until up around Glen Haven, where the canyon walls had some snow still on the roads. 50F temps had that snow a slushy mess....and road bike looks like it.

    Another 4+ hour day. Plan today was a Zone 2-3 ride/tempo. I decided to hit up the Rio Group Ride. This ride is great, as the tempo is mellow for the most part. I decided to do it on my mtb with full knobbies to get me into zone 3 with my HR...and work on leg speed. We had a group of like 10 or so riders. The early parts of the ride where plagued with flat tires.....3 to be exact. The route today took us to the foothills....which is opposite of where it normally goes. This had me second guessing my bike choice. If the group decided to get frisky, I would be screwed....especially going downhill with mtb gear selection. Heck, even on the flats for that matter. I had a great ride today. The legs were light and snappy as we rode a loop over and around Carter Lake. It wasn't until we started the climb back up to Horsetooth Mountain Park that I, along with a few others, lost contact with 3 riders as they motored up....and up......and up....and away. I ended up riding the last few miles back to town solo. No worries, it is only November. Below is a selection of clips from the ride.....taken when I wasn't having to focus on pedaling my butt off.