• Thinking CTR

    Even though the CTR doesn't kick off until the first part of August, the gear acquisition has begun. Over the past few days, race wheels have been the focus. As in years past, DT Swiss, will be the the supplier of all wheel parts. So, after sitting down and crunching some numbers....as well as sharing some emails with a wheel builder and pioneer of crack-head racing, a wheel build has been pretty much finalized.

    DT Swiss 240 Hubs
    Hubs: DT Swiss 240's, 32 hole
    Good reliability and solid performance make this an easy choice. I have opted for the 6 bolt rotor versus the DT Swiss Center Lock. The 6 bolt allows for rotor removal via the torx option on my mini-tool on the trail should I need to. If I used the DT Swiss Center Lock, I would have to carry some fairly large tools.

    DT Swiss XR400 Rim
    Rim: XR 400, 32 hole
    Beefiness meets reliability meets lightweight. This is not DT's lightest rim (it's their 3rd lightest mtb rim), but considering my wheel choice will be carrying around 210 lbs with bike, gear, and rider weight...it works. Plus, it can be ran tubeless via a Stan's conversion kit or the DT Swiss tubeless set up.

    Nipples: Standard Pro-Lock, Black
    Good nipple with a great grab on the spokes via a built-in lock-tite like substance. Not as likely to loose tension during the 480+ mile from Denver to Durango. This is added peace of mind.

    Spokes: Competition, black, 3 cross

    Just plain works and can handle load. Can be purchased at LBS on route if needed.

    Skewers: RWS Thru-bolt
    Stiffens things up front and rear. Works will all standard fork and frame dropouts.

    Wheels are going to be built at DT Swiss USA in Grand Junction, CO. Can't wait!!!!

    As for tires, I am planning on the tired and true Colorado tire, the Continental Mountain King 2.2 Protection set up tubeless.

    More CTR planning posts to come! Lots of gear to mull over yet.