• Like the good 'ole days

    So it snowed like 8 inches last night. Before bed I honestly thought that I would be hiking today rather than getting in the 4 hour base mile session that coach prescribed. As I sat eating breakfast and drinking the morning java, the snow stopped and the sun began to shine. That was an instant green light to get outside and ride. Temps were sitting at about 27F...which is cold for here in the Front Range...but nothing compared to those rides we did in Iowa on gravel when our balaclavas would end up covered in ice.

    I suited up in all the cold weather gear: Thermal bibs, Long sleeve jersey, Craft thermal base layer, Swiftwick wool socks, Craft lobster gloves, toe covers, and Craft booties. With the warm temps the past week, the pavement was in good shape, so the ride out of town was mostly wet and a tad slushy. Once I hit gravel, the higher I went the more snow packed it became. With the climbing tempo, I was sweating....but keeping it under control....or so I thought. I climbed up to Gold Hill...then further west to descend Sawmill Rd.

    The next plan was to drop down Lefthand Canyon. I made it to Lickskillet Rd, before my fingers and core started to get chill. The descent windchill coming down was enough to stiffen up the front of my thermal jacket that was soaked with sweat. Made it actually hard to more my arms because it was freezing. I knew that if I went all the way down the canyon I would be in deep trouble trying to keep the bits warm. So, I headed up Lickskillet Rd to Gold Hill to stop by the Gold Hill Store to take advantage of the wood burning stove.

    The ride up Lickskillet Rd would be a treat. The 1 mile steep gravel climb was covered in snow. I made it about 500 yards up the climb before the steepness and snow would not allow my rear tire to hook up. I hopped off the bike and then jogged up the rest of the way to Gold Hill. This actually helped to warm me up.

    Once at Gold Hill, I swung into the store to dry some soaked clothing next to the wood burning stove. After a cup of coffee and 20 minutes of hugging the wood burning stove, I hopped on the bike for the descent back down to Boulder. It is awesome that the Gold Hill Store exists....because it is the only reason I was able to get back home.

    I think to date, this is the coldest I have been while riding here in CO.

    Anywho, I was able to get in the 4 hours today....although I wanted to call someone to come get me more than once. I wouldn't have had it any other way. Well, maybe a bit warmer, but that is about it.

    Base Miles: Nov 15