• 2010 Season has begun

    The season has begun! Pretty excited to be back at it after about 2 months of no structure. Pretty much since Interbike, I have been riding when I want and feel like it. Today started the base miles. It was a 4 hour session of pedaling through the mountains and a pretty chill effort....HR zones 2 and 3.

    Base MilesWith the dumping of snow a few days ago...and some melting on Friday and today....I opted to stay on the pavement to keep dry and clean.

    Base MilesFor the most part, roads were in good shape. Anything not getting any sun was a bit slushy...but still ride'ble with the mtb...and road bike for those who choose that weapon.

    Base Miles
    Temps were perfect today with highs in the low 50F's.

    Base MilesAt roughly 9,000 ft the snow Ward, CO received was melting pretty quick. With the warm temps forecasted near 60F all next week...much of the snow will be gone.

    Base MilesI got in about 3 hours and 15 minutes solo....then caught up with Sonya to get in the last 45 minutes.

    Base MilesHere are the numbers from the day.

    Tomorrow offers up more of the same!