• Out-running Winter

    Cold front rolling in over Gold Hill, COSo, this AM I got an email from Wiens stating....."Epic ride on Friday? We may encounter gun toting hillbillies and we likely will get lost numerous times." How can I say no to this? This left me with a short AM to work before making my way to Boulder to get a ride in before the cold front moves in. By cold front I mean a 30F temp drop from today's highs in the 80F's and a chance of rain low and snow high.

    Cold front rolling in over Gold Hill, CODark clouds moved in as I reached gold Hill on my chill paced mtb ride. As I started to head back down....the clouds began to spit. Nothing more than that.

    So the plan now is to pick up Yuki on Thursday late in the afternoon then drive to Gunnison. We will crash in the lower levels of Casa de Wiens.....then a 6+ hr death march will ensue Friday AM with some of Gunnison and CB's finest cycling talent. Stayed tuned. The entire 'event' will be documented via the cams.

    Now, lets see what twists and turns the mountain weather throws at us.