• Race Report: Tipperary Point to Point

    Tipperary Point-to-Point

    This race was smoke'n fast right from the gun. Seems all the heavy hitters were out for this series final race. The course was a 28 mile point to point with a claimed 4,000 ft of vertical. Although, I recorded about 2,800 ft of climbing....as did others.

    The big ass climb (full race highlighted in yellow) at the start pretty much blew apart any race there was after the 3 mile dirt road lead out from the start. I suffered up this climb with heavy legs....no gas....no spunk.....dragging a boat anchor...and the boat for that matter. There was also a few other racers I was surprised to see dragging ass with me. I knew that today was not going to be good after grunting up this climb in my middle ring. Shortly after the top, things came around...but the damage has been done...the gaps were made. The remainder of the course was super fast and fun.....big ring material if you ride aggressively enough.

    Half way through the 28 mile course, I was riding some singletack with 3 other guys...all downhill and fast. Then I felt a sharp pain on my right knee. Sure enough, another bee sting. The second one in 2 weeks. It did nothing more that turn red and look like a mosquito bite. Knowing my past reactions to bee stings, I keep pushing on, but I kept an eye out for anything weird that might be happening to me body. Nothing ever came, and I just kept riding as hard as my fatigued body would let me.

    Rest of the race was uneventful except for the crossing of Tipperary Creek which was deep and cold! All the guys in front of me ran through.....but I rode it, as I was told to "stay left" by the course marshall standing at the entrance to the creek-o-doom. I made it...but not with out a big push on the pedals. Yea me!

    In the end I would finish in 1 hr and 51 minutes. My goal was anything under 2 hrs based on last years times. My finishing time this year would have netted me 3rd overall in last years race. This year, I would have to settle for 27th. Crazy fast field stacked with some of CO's faster short distance racers.

    Tipperary Point-to-PointKick'n it with Yuki post-race.

    Tipperary Point-to-PointOut riding after the race with Yuki. As if we didn't get enough.

    Tipperary Point-to-PointSome fine Winter Park singletrack! Yuki and I got in another hour of riding after the race....before we both decided our legs were FRIED.

    Time to now focus on next week: The Park City Point-2-Point.