• Product Review: Prolong Energy

    Disclaimer: I was contacted by Prolong Energy to try out their product and write a review on my blog. The product was given to me free of charge and was tested until the product ran out.

    Prolong Energy

    When I was contacted to try this new race/ride fuel, I jumped at the chance. Being an endurance racer, I have sampled just about every pre-made powder mix out there. Based out of SoCal, Prolong Energy was new to me. I was sent the 13 serving container of the Prolong Energy, which retail is $30. The flavor....Lemon-Citrus. Actually, it is the only flavor they have at this time.

    When you look at the numbers compared to the other similar products out there, Prolong Energy has the edge. It is a high calorie drink....basically all you need during an event. I tested this product on two different 4 hour training rides as my only source of fuel and electrolyte intake. I can say that I had a clean energy burn and no cramping or GI issues. I also used the Prolong Energy at the Laramie Enduro where I placed 3rd...and at the Pierre's Hole 100 which I won. During these races, I supplemented Prolong Energy with regular water and Power Gels.

    Prolong Energy
    Mixing it in bottles is easy....and it mixes fast. The mix is like powdered sugar....so not much shaking is needed. One 24 oz bottle takes 3 scoops....and leaves you with a milk-like drink in your bottle. Prolong Energy suggests 1 bottle per hour of riding. I followed their instructions for all my rides and races. And now, here are my random thoughts...Pros & Cons....

    - It works for me, giving me the energy needed to ride long and hard.
    - Mixes fast and easy
    - Easy to drink when chilled or at room/air temp.
    - One stop fuel source. No need to carry drink bottle...and gels....and electrolytes if you don't want to.

    - Expensive compared to similar other products.
    - If you ride/race a lot...you will use a lot....forcing you to buy a lot.
    - Only one flavor
    - Might be a bit salty tasting for some.
    - Hard to drink when warmed by the summer sun.

    Finally, if I had to give it a rating out of 5 Stars....5 being the best.....I would give it.....[drum roll]


    It works as advertised...but to me, doesn't stand out that much more than some similar products already out there. I highly suggest it, especially it you are burned out on Hammer's Sustained Energy or similar drink mixes.