• Last few days

    Bummer of a few days that all started yesterday in the AM. I woke up feeling tired and blah-like. Didn't really play too much into it since it was like 7 AM and I had just returned from a busy and big effort weekend. I went through my morning tasks then saddled up for a light 1.5 hour spin on the mtb. I made it about 1 hour into the ride before being stung by a bee in my upper lip. Due to my last bee-to-face interaction, I high tailed it home to take any precautionary measures. I put ice on the sting, and swelling went down and back to normal.

    The rest of the day, my early AM sick symptoms would get worse....achy body, tired, flu-like. I went to bed early...as in 6 PM early...and slept like 11 hours. I woke up this AM a lot better, but the be sting swelled up a tiny bit again over night. I stayed off the bike again today....favoring rest and recovery....instead of digging a training hole.

    This weekend will see no riding, as work has me in Denver all weekend for the Rocky Mountain Bicycle Show.

    Next up on the race calendar is the PCP2P in Park City, UT.