• When it rains....it pours.

    Lefthand Canyon
    Still ramping it up for the Laramie Enduro. Last night, I was in Denver for the mountain bike 'Klinik' that Sonya and I did at REI...which rocked, I might add. I decided to stay in the Boulder area to get a change of scenery with the training. Today was some tempo intervals...nice comfy pace. I decided to hit up Lefthand Canyon northwest of Boulder since the climb here is gradual.

    Lefthand CanyonThe first interval was un-eventful. Dry roads turned to damp roads....but that was about it. I should have knew something was coming down from the mountain fast when in the process of riding uphill....about 15 separate cyclist came flying down towards me in rain capes.

    Lefthand CanyonSure enough....sprinkles became rain showers.

    Lefthand Canyon
    Then the rain showers became heavy soaking rains. Good times I might add. At least the rain wasn't cold...that would have spelled disaster....as all I had along for extra clothing was the team issue wind jacket.