• T-minus 4 days

    Rotwild carbon road bike4 days and counting until the 70+ mile Laramie Enduro. This week, the road bike training sessions are short and too the point. Just trying to keep the spunk in the legs. As of today, that spunk is there....and there is a lot of it! I might go as far to say, that this is the best and most powerful my legs have felt all season. A good sign for the mtb race this weekend.

    Plan for the Laramie Enduro is to run a hardtail with the Conti Race King 2.2's. Depending on how much more rain we get...or how dry it might be, I might swap out the front tire to the Mountain King 2.2 to keep the front end tracking proper....and to avoid the loose kitty-litter wash outs.

    Details on the Laramie Enduro can be found here.