• Seasonal gains

    Rist Canyon 20 min TT
    After a 7 day block of racing at and above 10,000 ft at Marathon Nationals and the Breck-Epic Stage race...the week following was all about rest. Rides were short...no longer than 1 hr. The effort level was super chill. Needless to say I was getting antsy to ride hard...especially after sitting and watching riders demolish themselves racing the Breck 100. Now that the rest period is over, it is time to start ramping it up for the 111k Laramie Enduro on August 1.

    Rist Canyon
    Not your typical Colorado day. Looks like something straight out of the Pac Northwest.

    Today was the first test on the bike post race block and recovery block. Coach had me doing the 20 minute uphill TT effort. My previous test had me averaging out at 324 watts. Today, I killed that number...by a lot. Today's effort had me averaging just under 360 watts on the same bike and same course. The numbers do not lie. The power meter is a great way to measure seasonal gains. The Laramie Enduro is looking to be good!

    20 minute uphill TT Test, 7-21-09