• Recovery during the Breck-Epic

    FRS supports Topeak-Ergon USAOver the past few days I have received some private messages via twitter, facebook, and email about how I recovered between stages at the Breck-Epic. Without a doubt, the next days race effort is only as good as the previous days recovery. For example, on Stage 1 at the uphill prologue TT, I had my recovery drink waiting for me at the top of the climb at the finish line. On that day...as with every other stage...the recovery process started the second I crossed the finish line.

    During the week, the following items were used daily in the post stage recovery process...

    1. FRS Healthy Energy drink and chews
    2. Pints upon pints of blueberries
    3. Skins recovery tights
    4. The sleep aid Melatonin
    5. Stretching
    6. The Stick
    7. Glutamine supplements
    8. Cytomax Recovery Drink
    9. Bananas
    10. A little red wine from Wiens Winery
    11. Soaking in the ice cold Blue River (never actually got to do this, although some racers did)

    These are just a small sampling of the many items to help aid in the recovery process for big bike days....or really any big athletic effort.