• Taming the bobcat

    Not too often during the summer, that I am actually home in Ft Collins. This weekend was a rare occasion, so with a 4 hr mountain bike session planned by Coach, I took the opportunity to get out on the trails that are usually missed out on because of summer travel and races. Bobcat Ridge west of town is a good place to get in a large climb...and work on your tech skills. It's like a 10 mile loop and climbs about 2,000 ft...you climb up....ride across the top....the descend back down.

    4hr MTB Training SessionStarts off with the "Power Line Trail." It starts off pretty gentle...then gets steeper in spots...and much much looser.

    Ugh, climbing....
    Still climbing....in the granny gear to keep the force requirements down.

    4hr MTB Training SessionTopping out in the burn area.

    4hr MTB Training SessionFrom here, it is just circle around the mountain.....the descend back to the trailhead. FYI, there are a ton of thistles lining the trail. Not sure how many of those things I have in the tops of my hands and fingers. Eeek.

    4hr MTB Training SessionAfter turning a lap at Bobcat Ridge it was time to ride the Blue Sky Trail....then connect up the Indian Summer Loop.

    4hr MTB Training SessionThe last bit of trail was the rough-as-always Devils Backbone Trail. Always a treat on a HT.

    4hr MTB Training SessionI finished off the ride by heading into Loveland....then spinning home on the pavement. Figured I would have saw lots of other mtbers out there today. Over the course of the 4 hr ride, I only saw a group of 4 guys riding in the Indian Summer Loop.

    Hitting up the road bike tomorrow.