• Product Review: Copper Door Coffee

    Copper Door Coffee
    2 weeks ago I received 1 lb of Copper Door Coffee direct from the source. It practically fell out of the sky and hit me in the face. Seriously. Well, for the past 2 weeks, I have been sip'n this black bean juice just about every morning. The only mornings I have not drank any this coffee is when I was camping last weekend. I have drank a lot of coffee....a lot! Most of it tastes the same to me...except for a very few exceptions. The Copper Door Coffee hit a spot that coffee hasn't hit before in my senses. Because of that, I needed to do this review.

    Copper Door CoffeeTake a good whiff, because if heaven had a smell....it would smell like this coffee. The aroma is special....it really hits the nose hard.

    Once you pour a cup, it is time to stimulate the taste buds. The coffee is smooth and flavorful. It goes down easy....and screams "Drink more!" In fact, I drink too much of this stuff. I can actually feel the buzz from this blend....something I became immune to a few years back. This is a coffee you do not....I repeat, DO NOT....want to taint with milk, cream, or sugar. Drink it straight up black to get the full goodness....something the company preaches.

    At a price point of $10.95 per lb, it is on par with just about every other roaster out there. In my mind...worth every penny! You can buy it direct here.

    So, on a scale of 1-5 beans....5 being the best.....I give my first experience with Copper Door Coffee 4 Beans. Is it perfection? Maybe. There are so many coffees out there....I need to sample more. I might just come back to this post and give it 5 Beans in the future.