• Photo Friday

    Pretty straight forward workout today....warm up for 30 minutes....tempo at 250-260 watts for 2 hours....then a 30 minute cool down. Felt good during the entire ride. I wanted to go harder....but I had to follow the rules...or Coach would give me the beat down. Yes, my coach can beat me up...and you to for that matter....all while singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. It was also nice to see the sun today....in combo with the humidity. Yes, I said humidity. A rare occurrence here in Colorado...happening every 75 years....just like Halley's Comet.

    2 hr tempo, 250-260 wattsStill green here in Colorado. Unheard of! No worries of the rogue prairie dog running out in front of you now. It is all about the crazy little Colorado leprechauns.

    2 hr tempo, 250-260 watts
    A little bit of up....a little bit of down today. Got to keep the legs guessing.

    2 hr tempo, 250-260 watts
    Have I mentioned I love the Cratoni helmet? This thing vents like no ones business. Boo that they are not available in North America............yet.

    2 hr tempo, 250-260 wattsThe final result from the 2 hr tempo.