• Packing light for the Breck-Epic

    Those of us racing the 6 day Breck-Epic are just under 2 weeks away from the race start. As the days draw near, our fearless sick-in-the-head race director, Mike McCormack, is filling us in on the finer details. Today, Mike informed all of us racing that during each stage, each racer will be required to carry a set amount of gear....mostly for survival in the worst case of all scenarios. Here is that list...

    1. Rain shell/jacket
    2. First-aid kit
    3. Multi-tool
    4. Survival blanket

    For me, the plan is to not carry a pack during the stages. Wth the many support stations on each stage, I can get the food and water I need. So, the 3 pockets on the back of my jersey will be filled mostly with the items listed above....and sports nutrition for the day.

    Go-Lite Phantasm Jacket
    For my waterproof shell, I am going with the tired and true Go-Lite Phantasm Jacket. First of all it is waterproof and has already seen some heavy and cold backcountry rains. Secondly, it is light in weight (9.6 oz) and packs down small. With this jacket, I can roll it up to the size of a 12 oz. soda can. That is the perfect size to fit in the jersey pocket....and still have room for a hand pump or C02.

    Adventure Med. Kits Ultralight & Watertight .3
    For my first-aid kit, I am going with industry leader, Adventure Medical Kits. They basically offer a first-aid kit for all outdoor activities and lengths. Going with their Ultralight & Watertight .3 was a no brainer. If you need anything not in this kit....chances are you are in bad shape.

    Adventure Med. Kit Heatsheets Emergency Blanket
    We also need to carry a survival blanket. Once again, I went with Adventure Medical Kit....and their Heatsheets Emergency Blanket. It is one of those items we will carry....and you hope you do NOT have to use.

    Topeak Mini 18+
    Finally, for my multi-tool. With Topeak being a major team sponsor we have access to some great multi-tools. I am opting to use the tool I carry on all rides...road or mnt. The Mini 18+ has everything you need in a super small package. All folded up, this tool is smaller than a small cell phone. I can easily carry this in my seat back with a spare tube....or 2.

    So there you have a quick rundown on some gear for the Breck-Epic. Also announced today was the stage order. It is going to be a good kick in the nuts! The stages in order are as follows...

    Stage 1: Opening Prologue, Mt Baldy TT
    Stage 2: Colorado Trail Loop
    Stage 3: Pennsylvania Loop
    Stage 4: Mt. Guyot Loop
    Stage 5: Wheeler Loop
    Stage 6: Gold Dust Loop

    This is going to hurt a little bit. Hehehehehehe! The stage order has some evilness to it.