• MTB Tour at the Elephant Rock Festival

    Pretty mellow Sunday....a work day actually for me. Ergon had a booth at the Elephant Rock Festival in the expo showcasing product. Before the expo opened, we joined in the 25 mile mountain bike tour. No singletrack here...as the crowd is a recreational base with a abilities present. It was a good time to talk with folks and spin out the legs. Here are a few photos from the spin....

    2009 E-Rock FestivalWho wants to ride with these yahoos?

    2009 E-Rock FestivalSen'or Wiens talks cycling with a mtb tour rider.

    2009 E-Rock FestivalDave Wiens needs no hand pump. High country trained lungs get the job done juuuuuuuuust fine.

    2009 E-Rock FestivalFinal little grunt climb before the aid station of chaos.

    2009 E-Rock FestivalMore like organized chaos.

    2009 E-Rock FestivalNom, Nom, Nom, Nom.

    2009 E-Rock FestivalOut in the boonies....alone......with these 2 freaks.

    2009 E-Rock FestivalLots of rollers on the way back to town.

    2009 E-Rock FestivalThe final road home. The clouds in the foreground would build during the day....tonadoes in the east Denver metro area. Ominous skies would cut the event short by about 1.5 hours.