• Gloomy

    Early June wet weather
    The sky is white with clouds....the ground is wet......and, it is around 45F degrees out. The weather lady is calling for an all-day-rain event. Meh. Right now I'm just working away on the computer and waiting for a break in the weather so I can get out for 1.5 hour tempo. Thanks to CDOT, the cams tell the story on the training routes. I do not....repeat....do not want to ride indoors. It is June not January.

    This gives some time to think about some racing of the shorter variety come up in June. The racing is specifically aimed at training for the larger events in July. Options include the Winter Park Hill Climb and the XC race at Crested Butte. Both are short and painful....and can be combined with large training block weekends in the high country. Based on the season plan, Coach will assemble the season puzzle with these events.

    Oh, one last thing....our UK teammate just won her second National Marathon Championship. Read it here!