• Canyon fun

    Poudre CanyonLets see here. A 3.5 hour training session was scheduled by Coach today. With 3 intervals on tap of 20 minutes at a zone 4 effort, I decided to head up Poudre Canyon. I haven't been in the canyon since this winter, so it was good to get out there again. With the intervals in zone 4...the views tend to help with the minimal suffering going on.

    Poudre Canyon
    Weather today was calling for clearing skies. Although, the clouds seemed to be lingering west of town. 'Bout the only good thing was they didn't look like rain clouds....or so I thought. Today I decided to rock a new pair of Adidas shades....crystal clear as expected.....and super light. Just wish they made a white frame.

    My legs felt good today...light and snappy....although I sound like I am hyperventilating in the video. Ha! The first 2 intervals were done going up hill with wattage numbers between 300-334 watts. By the time I turned around, to do the last interval going down the canyon some rogue cloud moved in and, of course, the skies let loose. So much for getting out there without getting wet. At least by the time I hit the mouth of the canyon outside Ft. Collins the rain had stopped and the skies were turning blue. When it was all said and done...not a bad session on the bike.

    FYI....Ergon had a 'klinik' scheduled at REI in Ft Collins for tonight at 7 PM. It has been CANCELLED. A new date and time are in the works.