• Brack-Epic & Marathon Nationals: Tire choice

    Yet another few days closer to 2 of the biggest races of the year....the Breck-Epic Stage Race and the Marathon Nationals. With all the training leading up to these events, various Continental tires have been tested in various Colorado terrains to help choose the perfect weapon on these courses. My final choice for both events is the Continental Mountain King 2.2

    Continental Mountain King 2.2
    For Marathon Nationals, I will run the Mountain King 2.2 Supersonics set up tubeless with Stan's on DT Swiss XR1450 wheels. For the very fast 50 miles that the Marathon Nationals race is, this will keep the weight down on the bike...as well as offer super traction on the rocky loose course.

    For the week long Breck-Epic, I am running the same tire and set up....but choosing the more durable ProTection version to help deal with the harsh & remote backcountry trails used in the Breck-Epic. The higher the course goes...the larger and sharper the rocks get in the Breckenridge area. My tires are the last thing I want to worry about. The ProTection tires are tired and true on some pretty insane courses...such as the Vapor Trail 125....I trust them.