• Weekend riding

    Another moist weekend here in Colorado. It has been the 5th consecutive weekend of wet weather. Lucky for me, this is the only weekend I have had to deal with due to Ergon and race related travels. Coach is working to get me back into my routine of long hours on the weekend. I must say I was super excited and motivated to get out this weekend for 8.5 hours of riding.

    Saturday was a scheduled 5 hour day. The workout was simple and precise. Do a 1 hour warm up and then drill it for 3 hours.....followed by 1 hour of light spinning home. My route had me rolling up to Gold Hill.....Peak-to-Peak Hwy.....Ward......then any other climbs I could find on the way back to Boulder. My legs would have other ideas for the day. I felt rested....but no matter what I did on the bike I could not elevate the HR or the effort. The second I up'd the effort the legs would fill with lactic acid and I would forced to mashing gears and a slow rpm. The legs had nothing....no spunk....no speed. I was simply left out there to lick my wounds and I crawled up the Boulder County foothills. The workout was a complete failure.

    Sunday was redemption. Today I had 3.5 hours planned with light effort climbing. Sonya joined me as she was also looking for a chill paced ride.

    Boulder - Switzerland Trail - Gold Hill - BoulderWe rolled out of Boulder up 4 Mile Canyon. The effort was easy....and this was evident as we were caught and passed by 2 different single speed riders out on training rides.

    Boulder - Switzerland Trail - Gold Hill - BoulderWe mixed it up a bit today and rode up to the Switzerland Trail/road. This climb is more gradual and the views are a lot better.

    Boulder - Switzerland Trail - Gold Hill - BoulderFueling the entire way as not to drain the engine into reserves.

    This is pretty much the effort for the day. Easy does it.

    Boulder - Switzerland Trail - Gold Hill - BoulderLike I said, there was something to look at today.

    Boulder - Switzerland Trail - Gold Hill - BoulderNearing the top of Switzerland trail south of Gold Hill Rd.

    Boulder - Switzerland Trail - Gold Hill - BoulderI used this weekend to get the new Rotwild HT dialed. After 2 days of riding, I think I have it matched up with the measurements of my older HT which had the Wobble Naught fit last year.

    Boulder - Switzerland Trail - Gold Hill - BoulderAfter the Switzerland trail climb we head up a bit more before dropping down to Gold Hill. Here we stopped outside the store to put the warmers and jackets back on for the descent to Boulder.

    Boulder - Switzerland Trail - Gold Hill - BoulderThis give you an idea of today's route. Nothing crazy by any means....but still a solid 4,000 ft of vertical. By the time we finished out this 3.5 hour mellow paced loop, my legs were rocking. I felt super relaxed and fresh at the end. Hopefully, it is a sign to come for the coming week and weekend.