• Test run

    Shawn M. & Jeff K. heading out of Boulder
    Headed out today to do a trial run of some pacing and nutrition for the Gunnison Growler next weekend. Had some company today in the form of Shawn Meredith who is also racing the same race next weekend. With the 7 AM start for the Growler, I tried a liquid breakfast this AM in the form of a Cytomax Pre-Formance, a banana, and a spoonful of honey. Doesn't sound like much, but I was full and ready to go.

    Once we started on the ride, I started on the nutrition of water, gels, and Cytomax. Taking something in roughly every 15 minutes had me buring a clean engine from start to finish. The begining of the ride had me with some heavy legs, but as the day went on, things got much better and I felt better on the bike. A sign of things to come? Hopefully.

    5 hr mtb tempo outside Boulder, COThe ride today was roughly 62 miles with about 7,000ft of climbing. Our highest point was right at 10,100 ft. Yes, believe it or not....no photos today. It was a test run for the race next weekend so I was only carrying things I will or would carry next week. You want photos? See Sonya's blog...she did roughly the same route in a cooking time as well.