• Rubber for the Growler

    Sonya Looney's 2009 FS Topeak-Ergon team bikeThe Growler is less than 2 weeks away. Between now and then it is all about prep'n the mind, body, and bike. This post is focused on just one small key part of the race prep: tires. The course is fast, loose is spots, techy in other spots, etc, etc. I am opting this year to run Continentals do-all tire....the Mountain King 2.2 Protection. I am opting for the Protection over the Supersonic to have a more durable tire in this harsh race environment. To give an edge of comfort and better tire traction and control, I have these set up tubeless with Stan's. I ran this same tire set up at the Vapor Trail 125 last year, and it is the magical tire to have when conditions and trail personality change during an event.