• Must be Spring

    Everything is so green!Must be Spring, because everything is green! Even the foothills are green. It won't last long though. Give it another month or so and everything but the trees will be brown.

    The training during this week is super mellow. Nothing but recovery and endurance paced rides all week to recharge the engine for the Gunnison Growler. Not until Saturday will I be able to rev the engine for 5 hours to test mind, body, and a nutrition plan laid out by Coach for the Growler. Today was a 2.5 hour ride on the road bike with a howling northwest wind. With the wind, the speeds were low to keep the effort low. Didn't make the entire loop I wanted to do before I had to turn around to head home as not to go over the 2.5 hour mark. Tomorrow is more of the same, but this time on the dirt with the bike I am using at the Growler. Will most likely head out to Blue Sky for this.