• Kicks!

    New kicks from NorthwaveThe team has a new shoe sponsor this year. It happens to be Northwave. I finally got around to sticking on some Crank Bros cleats to these shoes they sent us just before Sea Otter for the photo shooting. Yes, they are green and black. A bit much for my taste, but they fit like a glove, so how can you complain. I am hoping we get to race on these shoes this year! They fit the task at hand a bit better.....especially as the temps rise.

    With the addition of the Specialized Body Geometry insole, they are dang near perfection. Which brings me to a valid argument of sorts....Why do cycling shoe comapnies spend so much time to make a high performance shoe and neglect the insole in favor of a piece of flimsy rubber-like insole? Every single pair of cycling shoes I have ever owned have some weird insole action going on. Hmmmmmm?

    Anyway, Some minor cleat modification is needed yet. If I can't get them 100% dialed in the next day or so, there is no way I am racing these for the Growler. Might just wait until I get the bikes re-fitted before I take these kicks to the race track.