• Blogging just to blog

    Not much going on with the training the last few days. The week leading up to a race has the bike time limited and specific. Monday was a day off the bike with some stretching. Tuesday was spent spinning on the bike path for 1 hour. Today, has me doing some opener intervals at my V02 max to stimulate the racing system. As for tomorrow? I am heading out for a tempo, and then on Friday I am doing a pre-ride of the Front Range 50 race course with Sonya and Yuki.

    Word on the web is the course is rip'n fast. No surprise there. My weapon of choice will be the Rotwild hardtail with the Continental Race King 2.2 tires with the addition of the Stan's Tubeless System. This is an excellent combo of stiffness and lightweight. Entire bike will weigh in just over 20 lbs.

    This just in! I am pretty excited to start sampling the FRS product line. As a cyclist I am sure you have seen their banner ads on just about every website out there. Well, a small relationship has formed with FRS and Topeak-Ergon USA. You can expect the team in the USA to be free-radical free for the season thanks to Quercetin. Think of it like drinking super foods. For example, one serving of FRS is like consuming 3 servings of blueberries.....or 6 servings of red onions......or 8 servings of raspberries. How cow!

    OK, time to suit up. Need to stimulate the race system.