• Sea Otter: Pre-event

    Finally made it to the Monterey Bay area after 19 hours of driving across Colorado, Utah, parts of Arizona and Nevada, and California. The drive isn't that bad except for the crazy 30 mph headwind I had for the last 12 hours. I even got to see rain in Las Vegas and some snow in the desert of California. Odd? Yes, based on the driving skills of the people in these areas. Scary for sure. The plan today was to set up the booth at Laguna Seca Raceway, but the wind had other plans for us. The event logistics coordinator for the event told folks to wait until tomorrow in the AM...when the winds are forecasted to be much less. Some of the big circus like tents set up for the event were even being blew down. Not cool at all! So, I headed back to the hotel and met up with Kim, product designer for Ergon, for a nice little opener ride around the Pebble Beach area.

    Sea Otter: WednesdayKim spinning on "17 Mile Drive" on our way to and around Pebble Beach.

    Rolling down to sea level after spinning in the coastal hills for 45 minutes or so.

    Sea Otter: WednesdayFeel the breeze blow though your hair.

    Sea Otter: WednesdayDa beach mon! Super, super, super windy today. It was a sand blasting experience.

    Sea Otter: WednesdayStaged shots.

    Sea Otter: Wednesday
    Modeling the new Cratoni helmet and a new set of Adidas Supernova shades.

    Sea Otter: WednesdayNew team saddle for 2009.

    Sea Otter: WednesdayMore to come...Sea Otter gets under way tomorrow. More photos here.