• Road Trip...and then some.

    This is pretty much the 'big' road trip of the year. With stops at Sea Otter and the Whiskey 50 in Prescott, AZ planned. Yes, it's a lot of driving. But, there will be riding and racing on just about every day of this trip. There might even be a stop in Laguna Beach for a few days to help Crank Brothers lead an 'open to the public' group ride on the hills behind their location.....followed by food and drink. Interested?

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    As for the racing....I am toeing the line of the pro men xc on Sunday at Sea Otter. Should prove to be a good solid training effort. My only goals are to have a solid and smart race, and to keep healthy. There are a few guys I'll put an 'x' on their backs and try to 'race' them rather than the guys that actually focus at this distance. The field is big with 115 racers....so the race within the race will be happening.

    The weekend after Sea Otter is the Whiskey 50 in AZ. This will get me back into my happy place with a single loop race of around 50 miles. It will be very similar to racing back in CO at 5,500 ft. If I go into the Whiskey with low stress and solid recovery I don't see why a top finish is not possible. I already proved at the Ouachita that my fitness it where it needs to be for this time of year. Just have to go out and do work and use everything Coach has given me up to this point.

    Check back often. Updates to come here, on facebook, and twitter as wifi access allows. Now, back to crossing my fingers and toes hoping our 2009 team clothing and helmets arrive today from Germany.