• Research

    French Pass - Georgia Pass - CO TrailI am doing my homework....or at least starting to. By far the biggest event of the year in terms of time commitment and effort will be the Breck-Epic Stage Race in Breckenridge, CO. With 6 days of back-to-back racing above 10,000 feet, the route is sure to put many people deep into the bowels of the pain cave. For me, I plan to make it a 7 day stage race by doing the Firecracker 50 the day before. Crazy? Sure, but the option presents itself, so why not. The course will be tough....not much fire road at all in this race. Heck, some sections will have trail that is pretty undefined. For example, the trail leading up to French Pass which I rode last year with Solo Goat. My plan is get some weekend trips up to Breck to pre-ride each of these stages before the actual race. This proved to be a valuable effort with event like last years B68.

    Profile - Guyot Loop - Breck EpicWith the Firecracker 50 and Breck-Epic, 7 days of roughly this profile should prove to be a true test of mind, body, and equipment. Is it July yet?