• Oval Ride: Pavement - Dirt - Pavement

    Oval Ride: April 11, 2009Today's Oval Group Ride included the usual cast of crazies. With no racing in the area, we had a stacked group....maybe 30 of us....and pretty much all solid and strong riders. I wasn't sure how my legs would react. Early in the week my legs felt super. The previous 2 days, the lingering effects of last Sunday's Ouachita Challenge win were starting to show their true side.

    Oval Ride: April 11, 2009
    We ended up with a different route today which was flatter....and included a good section of dirt. Yes, dirt! It was awesome to have a group of 20 guys raging down a gravel dirt road at 30 mph. Plus, throw in some short climbs and rip'n descents and you have a sweet little 'Spring Classics' section. Unfortunately I didn't get any photos from the dirt. We were all on the tip of our saddles gritting our teeth.....me included. I spent too much time near and above 300 watts. Matches were burned.....Poof. Anyone else out there on the ride get some gravel in their mouth? I was spit'n little rocks that made their way into my mouth from the rider tires in front of me. Mmmmm, crunchy.

    Oval Ride: April 11 Route
    Oval Ride: April 11 Elevation Profile
    Here is the days route and elevation. The mileage is shorter than the traditional Oval Ride, but I was feeling it. Last weekends race effort had my legs feeling a bit heavy.....especially when going up hill. Ooooooo, feel the burn.

    Oval Ride: April 11, 2009This little chunk of hill on the north side of Horsetooth Reservoir blew the remaining group apart. The climb is not that long, but the pitch is re-freak'n-diculous....especially after being on edge for most of the ride. I pushed home alone after this hill.....as did many others. Thanks for another super ride fellas!

    Fresh Continental road rubberI tried out some new tires today from Continental. The tire combo GP Attack & Force is front and rear specific. They are not a heavy duty training tire....so I was second guessing my adventure onto the gravel today. After today's effort on the dirt, I am happy to say they passed with flying colors.

    That is all for today. Time to recover and do the anti-rain dance. Four hour mountain bike session planned for tomorrow.