• Deep South

    Finally made it to the deep woods of Mena, AR after a 13 hour road trip. The drive was uneventful....nothing but endless miles of flat straight roads and toll booth. It wasn't until our brief jaunt from Tulsa, OK to Mena, AR did the geography reveal what would be in store for us this weekend.

    OC: spinning out the car legsAfter sitting in the car for around 13 hours, a bike ride was in order. Sonya, Yuki, and I hopped back in the Ergon FJ had headed further South to the ATV trails at Wolf Pen Gap and spun it out for just about 2 hours.

    OC: spinning out the car legsThe riding was good for the day...as were the legs. Has me excited for race day. Tomorrow we hit up the race venue to set up the Ergon tent, show product, and get in a little course pre-ride.

    An Arkansas cabinHome sweet home for the weekend. No cable....but we have wifi and electricity to grind coffee in the AM. That is all that is needed.

    Cycling Dirt interviewQuick change of subject. Check out the new cycling website: Cycling Dirt. These guys are the ESPN of the bike world right now. Lots of good interviews and videos. I recently just got my 15 seconds of fame.

    T-minus 2 days until race day.