• Busy busy busy

    Nothing but go, go, go since I got back from Arkansas. Riding had been on the down low with a focus on recovery. Not until Saturday and Sunday will I open up the engine again with the 4 hour Oval Ride....and then a 4 hour mtb ride on Sunday.

    This week has been a lot of phone call and emails with out international shipper, our broker, and USA Customs. We are in the process of trying to get all the team gear into the USA from Germany. Of course, there are some issues...but it all seems to be squared away now. Question now is....when will it arrive? Most likely after I leave for Sea Otter. I am holding my breath and hoping our new clothing and helmets arrive via UPS on Monday. If not, looks like we'll be rocking the old kit in Monterey and in Arizona the following week.

    Stay tuned, ride reports to come from Saturday and Sunday.