• Small World

    RotwildSo I am just north of Hwy 66 north of Hygiene, CO in the middle of a 2 hour 240-250 watt interval. Coming the opposite direction of me is another cyclist. I wave first....he waves back, but also slows down quite a bit while staring at me. I keep riding my interval...not sure what to think. A few minutes later this rider rolls up along side me pointing at my bike...then pointing at his. I see his mouth and lips moving but can't hear him because of the wind blowing in my ears and my iPod. I pull out the ear buds to hear English in a thick German accent. The guy was fascinated by my Rotwild road bike. Then he points at his bike...also a Rotwild road bike.....which is an oddity here in the USA, since they do not distribute to the USA. He also states how he has 3 other Rotwild bikes at home. We chat a bit and he tells me he is in from Germany visiting his girlfriend who is attending CU. The chit-chat is short. We shake hands and exchange names....and I turn right to head to Lyons on Hwy 66.

    It's amazing what a small World this really is.