• Oval Ride: It always hurts.

    Oval Ride: March 21 '09Another Oval Ride in the books. It has been awhile since I hit up one of these group rides with all the travel over the past 3-4 weeks. As always, it hurt. Doesn't matter it 5 people show up.....or 50.....there is always someone in attendance that has better legs than you do. Today was not different. The weekday training load left some fatigue in the legs and I could feel it when the course pointed up.

    Oval Ride: March 21 '09Single file! If you are a cyclist you know this means one thing: SPEED! Everyone is maxed out....everyone is digging....some more than others. Today, I was one of those working a bit harder it seemed. It wasn't until the Carter Lake switchbacks did I loose the group. This left me in TT mode alone for the last 25 miles. The numbers were not in my favor....as the group had roughly 7 guys in it. All I could do is chase and hope to catch any other who might loose contact. It pretty much never happened. Just me, my bike, tunes in one ear, and a HR near red line.

    Oval Ride: March 21 '09Power. Speed. Heartrate. These are the numbers from the effort today. Roughly 90 miles....249 avg wattage....and an average speed of 22 mph. These numbers are better than I thought. Maybe I wasn't feeling as bad as I thought. Makes me wonder what would have happened with fresh legs. Muwhahahaha!