• The last hurrah

    Easy tempo & IntervalsOne last little ride today before my 3 day work related road trip to Seattle. I managed to sucker JH into joining me for the 90 minute tempo during the first part of the workout.

    Easy tempo & IntervalsTemps are still chilly....with highs in the low 40F's. Snow is moving in tonight....so get your peek at the peaks before the snow and clouds move in.

    Easy tempo & IntervalsMush! Mush! Mush! The final miles rolling south to Boulder on Hwy 36 from Lyons. Once into Boulder I split from JH and headed over to Linden Dr. Why? To do a series of 2.5 minute max effort intervals up this pain in the butt climb. Needless to say, the training load over the past 9 days has me looking forward to the off day these next 3 days.