• A hot date with Threshold

    Threshold tempo intervalsI headed out to the wide open spaces for today's training session. Today, Coach had me putting out some threshold intervals. There is no better place to do these than on the frontage road along I-25. The road is flat and rolling, and there is really nothing to disrupt your flow. It's nothing but you....the road....and a few other random cyclists.

    Threshold tempo intervals
    Fueling was of huge importance today to keep the fatigue-monkeys away. The effort was high enough today to have me burning through breakfast in no time flat. Nothing a little gel and Cytomax couldn't fix.

    Threshold tempo intervalsHere is the play-by-play. I felt really good today. I kind'a surprised myself. If needed, I could have kept going....and going.....and going. Once the intervals and 3 hours were over it was time to fuel up to aide in the recovery process for the weekend...which, I might add....will be painful with the Oval Ride and then an all out 4 hour mtb effort on Sunday.

    Post workout foodThe recovery meal consisted of 3 eggs, wild rice, a little bit of cheese, and some spinach. Super easy to make....and tasty.

    Post workout food
    I finished it off with some yogurt and blackberries. Hells yes!