• Dudes and dust.

    HTMP/Lory Dirt SessionA 4 hours dirt session was in order today. We had summer like temps here in Fort Collins with the numbers hitting close to 80F. Don't be too jealous, as crap hits the fan in the next few days with temps in the 30F's and snow. By all means, we need the moisture. The trails are sooooooo dry.....like kitty litter. There was 5 of us today, which included myself and...
    - Andrew "I wish this ride was 10 hours" Carney
    - Joe "I'll buy you DQ if you clean that rock section" Saperstein
    - Aaron "Pedal strokes of anger" Potts
    - Jason "My sunglasses are brighter than the surface of the sun" Hilimire

    After a 15 minute spin from town, we started by climbing some of the Towers Trail. Surprisingly, my legs felt super today after the week long training load. Makes me excited for the OC.

    HTMP/Lory Dirt SessionClimbing was then interrupted with some single track descending.

    HTMP/Lory Dirt SessionFollowed by more climbing.

    HTMP/Lory Dirt SessionThen more singletrack. Are you starting to see the pattern here?

    HTMP/Lory Dirt Session
    Aaron gave us a reason to finally let up a bit and rest with a broken chain.

    HTMP/Lory Dirt SessionWasn't long and we were back at it again. We hit up a lot of trails in HTMP and in Lory State Park. Pretty much saw it all: climbs, rock drops, roots, open climbs, fast & flat. My bike choice was fine with the HT....but I had to take some air out of the tire a couple times. Also, after today's ride, I might throw on the 100mm Magura Durin Race for the OC in a few weeks. Aaron left us after about 3 hours of riding due to a bike that was acting up. With in a few minutes of leaving Aaron, we were joined by Ben O....who rode for about 20 minutes with us before he and Joe headed out for more while Carney, Jason, and myself spun home. Mission complete.

    HTMP/Lory Dirt SessionHow dry and dusty is Colorado? This says it all. You should have seen my face!

    Next week is focused on recovery and prep for the OC and the races in April.