• Black toes

    Hard 3.5 effort in cold and wet conditionsOh, how things change so quickly here in Colorado. After a week of near record temps in the 70F's....mother nature lets us know that winter is still here. Coach had me out pushing the pace today in the Boulder foothills. The plan was easy to follow....30 minutes of warm up, then go hard for 3.5 hours, then cool down for 30 minutes.

    Hard 3.5 effort in cold and wet conditionsToday, I wanted to mimic the effort level that I would like to take to the OC race in Arkansas in early April. I was also shooting to get in the same amount of climbing in the 3.5 hours today that I will see at the OC race....which is roughly 7,000 ft. I pretty much had the entire road to myself today.....with the exception on 3 other riders out there getting it done: JHK, Heather, and another unidentified rider with them.

    Hard 3.5 effort in cold and wet conditionsThe high point today was west of Gold Hill on Sawmill Rd. where I then dropped down to Lefthand Canyon Dr. This would be a huge mistake on my part as the highway was wet from the snow fall. I had a few miles downhill to go to get to Lickskillet Rd....and in the process I got chilled and soaked from all the road spray. I had a thin sheet of ice on every part of the bike....as well as my shoe covers, gloves, glasses, and leg warmers. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr! I thought for sure I would loose some toes on this ride. My feet where so cold after the water soaked into my socks after running down my legs.

    Hard 3.5 effort in cold and wet conditionsWhat better way to warm up than to climb up to Gold Hill on Lickskillet Rd! The road is a kick in the nuts! By far one of the toughest dirt roads I have ridden in CO to date. It's just a hair over 1 mile long....and 900 ft of elevation. The grade is roughly between 16%-20%

    Hard 3.5 effort in cold and wet conditions
    And then ride it again. Yes, I said again. It hurt. My face says it all. Two times was enough for me today.

    Peg the HR at 160-170 for 3.5 hoursMy ride was was good for the training plan and the up and coming 50-60 miles races in April. I got in the much needed intensity....I felt good....and I suffered. A little more of the same for tomorrow. This time the weather will be warmer.