• Back at it

    It's good to be home for once. The last 3 weeks have been nothing but travel. It's not a bad thing....but it does wear on the body and mind. It is welcome sight to be back home and into the routine that I love: work, ride, work. Not to mention I can get back into the normal eating habits. Although traveling has its perks of eating at some fine dining establishments.....I would rather nibble through out the day on the healthier foods of my choice.

    The travel back to Colorado from NAHBS had some minor drama. I got to the airport early after the show....so I was able to get on an earlier flight to CO. I boarded that flight only to sit on the runway for 1.5 hours while Chicago dealt with lake affect snow which shut the airport down. Needless to say I got into Chicago late and missed that flight to Denver. So, I had one more shot to get to Denver that night. By the time they re-booked everyone, that left most of us sprinting through the airport to get on the last plane to Denver. Lucky for me....and many others....we made it with about 10 minutes to spare. A little over 2 hours later I landed in Denver at 11 PM.

    The timing to be back in CO couldn't be better as we are dealing with record heat. Temps all week in the high 60's and even getting into the mid-70's. WOW! You know it can't last too long. Afterall, March is the snowiest month here in the Front Range of CO. Coach has some solid bike time lined up for me this week and weekend. I eased into it yesterday with a light 2 hour spin...but the rest of the week will have me with my nose to the stem in hopes of big power numbers.