• You know you want it.

    Dave Wiens autographed jerseyThis weekend is the BMA Gala down in the bubble of Boulder, CO. Yes, I am attending...as is Sonya...to represent Ergon. Look out, this means I have to get dressed up. Geez, when is the last time that happened?

    Pause......think, think, think...

    Oh heck, I don't know. I think it can be measured in years. Anyway, it should be a good time with good food and good people. As part of the fund raising effort of this event there is a silent auction. Ergon is throwing some sweet swag into the auction pot. There will be a Ergon BD2 pack, 2 pairs of GX2 Carbon grips, and a signed jersey from Mr. Wiens. The jersey is only one of 3 in existence...and custom made in Germany for the Topeak-Ergon team riders. Dave's name is also custom printed into the upper shoulders....similar to a sports jersey. Is the jersey used? Yes! It has been worn throughout the 2008 season and could have been worn at this years Leadville 100. You want it? Get to the BMA this weekend!

    Hey, I have 3 jerseys as well sitting down stairs. Anyone want those? Yes, my name is on the back of the jerseys. I will donate the funds to the Valmont Bike Park.

    OK, that is all. Time to get on the bike for a quick 2 hour workout.