• Windy & Warm

    Up ya go!It's all hot out and stuff. Lots of sweating today. It sucked. Major swamp ass. Ha! Little sarcarsm for ya. Actually the weather is super awesome with the temps sitting close to 70F. Other than the 20 mph wind blowing out of the west it was a fan-tabulous day to be out training. The legs are finally coming around after the week long hiatus. Coach put me out there for a scheduled 4 hours....with 3 x 30 minute zone 3 tempos thrown in to wake up the sleepy legs. Didn't take long and they were ticking along just fine. For those of you in the cold weather climates....I wish I could bring you here to ride today. Its amazing out!

    I was lusting for the mountains today. It's been quite some time since I rode west and to the upper elevations. So for my ride I headed towards Estes Park with the goal of riding as far as I could in the time aloted. As always, the wind in the canyon was from every direction creating a vortex of suck. It's a small price to pay when the warm weather settles upon the Front Range. My legs felt better as the minutes ticked by. Flet good to have snappy legs.

    One more day in Colorado for me. Warm weather is going hang around for a few days, so it looks like one more solid day of bike time before hopping on another jet for Indy and the NAHBS.

    Speaking of one more day, I have 4.5 hours of ass-to-chamois-to-seat planned. Rather, I should say, Coach as 4.5 hours planned for me. Any ideas on a route? I am thinking maybe the Poudre Canyon....or even Estes Park again.