• Off to the Old Pueblo

    Today is the last day in Colorado before heading south....waaaaaaaaaay south....to Tucson, AZ for the 24 Hours Old Pueblo. As a vendor and sponsor of the event, we are required to arrive on Thursday to set up....so we beat the mass of racers that show up. Yesterday, I got my race bike dialed...as well as Sonya's. Tomorrow in the AM we pick up Yuki and start the roughly 14 hour drive to land of cholla.

    24 Hr Old Pueblo race bikeThe race course is fast...like racing on kitty litter. So, the hardtail is the only logical choice. Racing on the team, you can give'r 100% on this 15 mile loop. It is pretty much big-ring material from start to finish. With good conditions, we can expect lap times to be around the 1 hour mark.

    DSCF24 Hr Old Pueblo race tiresFrom my quiver of Conti tires, the choice was simple for 24HOP. I am running the Conti Race King 2.2 Supersonics sealed up with Stan's. This is the combo I ran for 99% of my races last year and it is fast....and adds a element of comfort and plushness to the firm ride of the hardtail. This combo lets me run PSI numbers around 20-22. It makes the tires hook up like velcro.

    24 Hr Old Pueblo grip choice: Ergon GR2 with carbon barendsGrip choice will not change for me. I am running what I always do....the GR2 Leichtbau with the carbon barend. It's a good mixture of comfort, control, and low weight. No GX2 for me. I am a fan of the 'suspension' the GR2 wing gives. The GX2 wing is a tad stiffer. Although, I believe Wiens will run the GX2. This is his grip of choice for racing...and what he used at Leadville the last 2 years.

    Speaking of Leadville, no confirmation card yet for me. Looks like access denied for 2009. Guess 27th overall was not good enough to get me back in. It absolutely blows my mind how some people never get into this race....while other can get in year after year after year. Oh well, I'll just have to sign up for the Breck 100 or 68....and save myself roughly $100 on the entry fees. LATE EDIT: I got my check back. Looks like I am 1 for 6.

    Check back in the coming days for photos and videos from the weekend. And lets hope the weather holds out.