• Back in motion.

    Yeah! Back on the bike!Last time I sat on a bike seat was my last lap at the 24 Hours Old Pueblo....that was around 1 week ago. Within a day after the race, a small little virus and then some business travel kept me off the bike the days following Old Pueblo. I needed to get some exercise! It's amazing how sloth-like you begin to feel after not doing much.

    Yeah! Back on the bike!Now back in Colorado and pretty much recovered from the virus that invaded my tired body, I was able to get out and enjoy the 60F temps sitting around here in the Front Range. One thing is for sure, my legs felt like I haven't pedaled a bike in 7-8 days. Today's 2 hour session just seemed to drag on....like the entire thing was in slow motion. I need to get in the bike time that I can over the next 3 days. On Thursday I head to Indianapolis for the Handmade Bike Show. This will be strictly work and no riding.

    Here is your Frostbike recap...

    Frostbike 2009Midwest boy de-snows the rental car while the SoCal boss takes photos. I had the snow removal experience. It only made sense at the time.