• Another road trip and some randomness

    Frostbike 2008Hmmmmm, lets see....what's on tap? Tomorrow I leave to the frozen tundra of Minneapolis, MN to attend QBP Frostbike. It's a quick in and out show for Ergon. QBP is one of our biggest distributors in North America. This dealer show is a good way to get some face-to-face time with our customers and retailers. It will be good to see a lot of my 'peeps' for the Midwest as well. Seems like everyone that works in a shop or races a bike in the Midwest attends this show. This is Interbike for those who cannot get to Interbike in Vegas. Instead of desert and palm trees you have wind chills below zero and people dressed like they are walking across the North Pole. Can't wait!

    Laramie EnduroNo Leadville 100 in 2009....no problem. Since I was 'access denied' for Leadville this year, the door is now open to do 2 or 3 other races that would have conflicted. On Monday of this week, I signed up for the Laramie Enduro. This race gets a lot of chatter from other racers for its great course. With its close proximity to the house and inclusion of the Rocky Mountain Ultra Endurance Series, it was a no brainer to sign up. Now, the question is, if I am focusing on this Series....do I attempt the Breck 100 after racing the Breck-Epic a week earlier? That might be a bit much....don't you think?

    What else is there?

    Oh yeah, I am battling a post 24 hour race cold. I am totally run down from the race effort, travel, and not sleeping at all during the race itself. The body is a bit weak and riding my bike is not a high priority right now. I just want to rest and make sure I get through the next 2 weeks with out digging a bigger sickness hole. On the plus side, I am not sore or anything from the race effort itself. Seems like what I have is what every other person has had at one point and time this year. I am just thankful I can get out of bed and attend to the daily activities. I hate being so sick that I cannot do anything but sleep. Rest, rest, rest. It's only February....better to kick the virus as soon as possible.

    Magura Marta SL custom for Topeak-ErgonOn the 2009 Topeak-Ergon sponsorship front, we were all sent an image of our custom Magura Marta SL Mag brakes. I am about fell out of my chair when I saw these. Custom colored brakes to match the team bikes. WOW! Very 'Pro' looking. I can't want to try these brakes....as Magura brakes will be a first for me. If it is anything like the Magura forks, I expect nothing but perfection. As far as the other equipment goes, team riders here in the USA should start seeing their new rocket ships in about mid-March.....just in time for the 2009 season!

    Irina getting ready for the 2009 seasonIt appears Irina is pulling out all the stops for the 2009 season. Looks like she will be ready. Will you? I am betting she will be tops in the World Cup Series this year.....as well as potentially win the World Championships. Just a hunch.