• Oval Ride: Don't Dig Deep.

    Oval Ride: Jan. 31, 2009"Don't dig deep"....that was the word according to Coach. The Oval ride wasn't originally planned for me in the training plan, but after a few days of nothing but 30 minute spins since last weekend I asked Coach if I could give it a go. I knew showing up I would have either super legs for the entire ride....or just for part of the ride....only to be shot out the back to spin home.

    Oval Ride: Jan. 31, 2009We had a huge group today. I would say there was around 50 of us. Pretty good crop of talent as always.

    The pace was pretty chill as we headed towards Windsor. There was some drama early in the ride as one rider..Ian Holt.... about 4 riders in front of me hit the deck at like 25 mph sending other riders into the ditch and grabbing for the brakes. It looked bad as all I saw was a bike go flying into the air. The group slowed...and Ian limped home to the ER....where we later found out his OK....except for some road rash.

    Oval Ride: Jan. 31, 2009
    Ticking over the miles until things got crazy.

    The front of the group of 50 odd riders pushes on. It wasn't until the "Windsor Wall" that the group blew into pieces...me included. The group managed to get back together later down the road....but a lot of riders burned their matches for the day.

    Oval Ride: Jan. 31, 2009I soon found myself riding in a duo with Aaron Potts chasing into a 20 mph head wind. It sucked! We managed to catch 3 other riders to take our group up to 5 riders, but the fatigue in the legs of the group was showing. We were not making up any miles on the 2 groups ahead of us.

    Once we got to the Carter Lake turn off, I shut the engine down and spun home. My legs feel fine....but not at the high end. Time for just a bit more rest. All the photos and video from today are here. If you see yourself feel free to snag the photos.