• Copycat week

    Not too much happening that did not happen last week....at least on the training front. A lot of the same work outs with the same goals in mind are being sent over via email by Coach. Really looking forward to the weekend and the Oval Ride again.....but with out the flat tires that came along with last weeks ride. Legs are feeling good still, and I want at least one good solid effort this week.

    The other day we got roughly 5 inches of snow here in the Front Range....but 90% of it is melted up here in northern Colorado. Can't complain about the weather one bit right now. While the eastern half of the country is in some of the coldest temps in many many years.....we here in Colorado are enjoying temps in the 50F's! Check it out! Geez, do I dare say it? Shorts on the weekend and Monday?

    training camp in the desertIn the coming week is the first Ergon road trip of the year. Been looking forward to the trip to St. George, UT since last year when I made the trip, only to get sick the night before. What is going on in St. George you ask? A 3 day mega dose of mountain bike mileage. My Coach puts on an open training camp for 3 days. It's all on mountain bike....self-supported.....and self-navigated. Mileage for this years training days looks to be roughly 40 miles, 50 miles, and 100 miles. As an added bonus, I take the Ergon show on the road and let folks demo product out in the elements. This is as real as it gets.....new product in the old desert.

    P9220025.JPGLast time I rode in St. George it rained......just a bit......in the desert. Huh? Not hoping for that again.....;)

    Crackhead Dave laughs at dangerCrackhead Dave laughs at danger. Kind of like the little girl getting the pony for x-mas. I am not kidding! Should we training campers be scared?

    Game on!